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Queries are what Quakers call the questions we ask ourselves about our faith and practice. They are simply a device for prompting reflection and self-examination. They are not used to harangue or harass, but rather to gently direct our attention to the harmony between what we believe and how we act.

Queries are broken into general categories for classification. Listed below are some of the categories and some sample queries from that category. 

Meetings for Worship

  • Are meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for Divine guidance?

  • Do you come to the meeting with heart and mind prepared?

Meetings for Business

  • Are meetings for business held in a spirit of worship, understanding, and forbearance?

  • Do we humbly set aside our own preconceived notions as to proper action, seeking instead Divine guidance as to the right course?

The Meeting Community

  • Are love and harmony within the Meeting community fostered by a spirit of open sharing?

  • Does the Meeting provide for the spiritual refreshment of all members and attenders?

Personal Way of Life

  • Do you live your life in accordance with your spiritual convictions?

  • Do you practice simplicity in speech, dress, and manner of living, avoiding wasteful consumption?

  • Do you strive to develop your physical, emotional, and mental capacities toward reaching your Divinely given potential?

Home and Family

  • Do you make your home a place of affection where God's presence is felt?

  • Do you grow together through sharing prosperity and adversity?

  • Can you keep a sense of humor and avoid taking yourself too seriously?

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