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Learning more about Quakers

Quaker Organizations

Baltimore Yearly Meeting is our "parent" organization. It consists of all the monthly meetings in the mid-Atlantic area, including Midlothian and Richmond Friends Meetings. It hosts events, sponsors committees, and runs summer camps

Friends General Conference (FGC) is a North American Quaker association of 15 Quaker yearly and 12 monthly meetings in the United States and Canada that choose to be members. Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and thus Midlothian Friends Meeting, are one of those 15 yearly meetings.

Friends Committee on National Legislation represents Quaker beliefs and values at the national level. They are headquartered in Washington DC.

Web Sites and Videos is a good general resource for all things Quaker

Richmond Friends Meeting was our parent meeting. It is the second oldest house of worship in Richmond. is an interesting assortment of Quaker videos and ideas.

American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. They were founded in 1917. During World War II they provided life saving support for German children starving at the end of the war. Their basic food was oatmeal, which led to the association of oatmeal and Quakers.

They are also the only religious organization to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize (1947, along with the British Friends Service Committee)

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