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More about Quakers


Liberal, unprogrammed Quaker worship is about listening to the Divine, or the "Inner Light". These are not precise concepts; they rely on faith to deeply understand them. They are best understood as ultimately mystical terms.

Mystical because we cannot ultimately define them in a rational, precise sense like everything else we name in our language. By defining something, we are also defining what is not that thing. If you define something as a chair, then it is not a sofa, or a table. If we call something God, then we are ultimately defining what is not God, because that is everything outside of our definition of God.

So we hesitate to define God because God is ultimately unknowable or ineffable; it's mystical. 

So we believe in a mystical approach to the Divine, or God, or however you wish to call it. We hesitate to truly define it; it is felt. Striving to feel that "Inner Light" (our definition of the Divine) is what our worship is about. 

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